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The Musical Journey Of Maestro Monojit Datta

It’s not a rare picture to see how a person born to a family of music magnates, adapts to the familiar musical wave. However, for Maestro Monojit Datta, it did not quite take the conventional turn. Music to Mr. Datta is ostensibly an ingrained element, belonging to the lineage of legendary- Rai Chand Boral (Monojit’s maternal grandfather). However, it will be unfair to keep the story of Datta’s unique love for music incomplete. Mr. Datta’s passion for music first re-kindled, when the beats of Latin music dropped in his ears, during a concert back in childhood. Since then, bars of the language soon became oblivious and grew Mr. Datta’s passion to live Latin Music. Our Interview with Mr. Datta was one hell of an experience of adventure, passion and Musical love. From Old cans to medicine boxes, Datta went Candid on how adventurously he discovered the gentle rhythm of drums and steadily mastered in Percussion which is the holy grail of Latin Music. Mr. Datta took us like himself to the world of Latin Tradition and how melodious, the sole effect of drums could be. A throwback to how Datta’s musical child- Orient-Express, the first authenticated Latin Band in India, was a pivotal high in Datta’s musical journey has also been an honor to share in our interview. Mr. Datta took a humorous dig on instances, how people mistake percussion to rock music, yet could not stop their feet from dancing in the end. We were thrilled to ask for a welcome duo with Amyt Datta (Monojit’s brother), who’s contribution to Indo-western music was also incredible. In our lovely one-hour chat, our team at Ragamix found that some of the best parts of the interview were when Mr. Datta played the Percussion beats and spoke inspiring words like how Music can be Godly. Maestros like Mr. Monojit Datta, break the barriers of language, and surrenders their soul to the spirit of true Music. They set examples on how Music is indeed the Universal language.

Gaana, India’s favorite music app, crosses 50 million milestone

Gaana, India's favorite music app, announced that it has crossed 50 Million app downloads since it was launched 4 years back. Gaana has added various unique and innovative features in the recent past which includes original content programming with top celebrities (likes of Asha Bhonsle, Shankar Mahadevan, Ashish Vidyarthi), India's first facebook messenger music bot, local music integration, localisation of app in 9 languages, mobile wallet integrations. Gaana as a brand will continue to focus on the domestic market. With 9 regional languages - brand has already extended its service to millions of Indians who can't read or write English.

Remembering Ustad Bismillah Khan

Moments of the bygone days deserve remembrance when Ustad Bismillah Khan would pick up his Shehnai and entranced all with his charismatic performance. And even today he is a celebrated personality all across India. This year, celebration of the centenary of Ustad Bismillah Khan has taken place recently in South Mumbai where Pandit Jasraj was felicitated with the Ustad Bismillah Khan Sanman at the event, which was presented by Dr Soma Ghosh. The prestigious and grand concert, ‘Yaad-e-Bismillah’ was attended by eminent figures including Hema Malini, Udit Narayan, Harish Bhimani, Dr Madhu Priyanka Chopra, politician Udit Raj, industrialist Madhusudan Agrawal and Rajeev Verma. Dr Ghosh also added stars to the event as she enraptured all with her dynamic and magical voice. She also proudly presented seven shehnai players from across the nation, including Ustad Nazim Bismillah Khan and Ustad Ali Abbas Bismillah Khan. Director Subhankar Ghosh's Yaad-E-Bismillah, a docudrama on the shehnai maestro and the guru-shishya parampara, was also showcased. Dr Ghosh is presently working towards saving endangered musical instruments and her efforts have been appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Dr Ghosh, along with the Ministry of Culture are in talks to organise more such centenary concerts in places like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, the US and the UK.

Thamma’s Boyfriend had its music release!

Director Anindya Ghosh’s upcoming movie, ‘Thammar Boyfriend’ had had its music release recently at a city mall. This is a comedy movie, which stars like Abir Chatterjee and Sabitri Chatterjee as lead actors. Dolaan and Mainaakh have scored music of this film. The event also had a musical show where, the singers who have lent their voices to the film's soundtrack rendered a few songs. Performances by Annesha Dutta Gupta, Ujjaini, Kinjal, and Madhura Bhattacharya were mind-boggling in their own ways. “Thammar Boyfriend is an out-and-out comedy that can be enjoyed with the family. I request the audience to come to the theatres and watch the film and come out in support of Bengali cinema,” said Anindya.

Tagore and Dylan set an impeccable musical evening

Members of the Tollygunge Club enjoyed the best of both worlds recently when few Tagore songs and numbers of evergreen star Bob Dylan were brought into prominence. Audience also took delight in some of the retro songs rendered by composer Debajyoti Mishra and his group at the venue. The programme kick started with the song ‘Jago Mohan Pritam’, sung by Titash. He also felt elated to sing the song, ‘Amay proshno kore neel dhrubo tara’. Both the Hindi version of this song, ‘Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye’ and the Bengali one defined a perfect fusion. Debajyoti felt honoured to share some anecdotes about his memorable experience of working with Rituparno Ghosh before switching over to the next song’Megh Peoner Bag’ from Ghosh’s film ‘Titli’. Moment of the day was when the singers rendered Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the wind, which was peerlessly merged with Kabir Suman's composition Kotota poth perole tobe pothik bola jaye. Chandrima Mukherjee, a club member, said, “There's a nip in the air and these are songs I've grown up with. So, this is a perfect way to usher in Diwali festivities.” The show drew to a close with Tagore’s dance drama Chirantan, presented by danseuse Tanushree Shankar and her troupe.

A perfect synthesis of poetry and music

People of the city of joy had witnessed one of the most beautiful poetic-musical evening recently as elocutionist Bratati Bandyopadhyay, singers Lopamudra Mitra and Jayati Chakraborty presented a heartfelt musical programme, ‘Tomar Maatir Konya’ that let the audience get enthralled over their performances. The show emphasised on woman empowerment. The event also saw performances of Tejendra Narayan Majumdar and Pandit Yogesh Samsi.

Music salutes the Indian Navy

Guests and members were elated to be present at the do for Navy personnel when the Indian Navy Band performed a concert on The Tollygunge Club’s lawns on Saturday evening. The guest of honour was Vice-Admiral HCS Bisht. He inaugurated the show saying, “It's indeed a privilege to be present in the City of Joy and at the beautiful Tolly Club. The Navy Band's association with the club has been quite a long one. The club officials and Commodore Suprobho De have been the perfect hosts of the evening.” There was ultimate entertainment, which included symphonies, pop, martial music, concertos, overtures, rock, and even Bollywood classics. The show kick started with a rock arrangement, followed by a xylophone piece, ‘Joyful Skeleton’. Tagore’s one of the most revered song, ‘Jodi tor daak shune keu na ashe’ simply added five stars to the show. Also, few retro Bolly numbers, among others made the evening. Nothing could beat the audience’s ‘wah wah’ and ‘shabashi’ as well as patriotic songs like ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’ stirred the souls of every viewer at the do. “This is the third time the Naval Band is performing at our club. We all eagerly look forward to this signature evening every year,” said club president Indrajit Mookerji.

Asha Bhosle created a memory in Durban

Asha Bhosle performed in the live concert in Durban on the birthday of Gandhiji. Ashaji said that the wish she nurtured for 26 years in her heart came true.she performed her songs as well as she shared various experiences of her life with her audience. The audience came from all over Africa to join her event.

Music with Amyt Datta

Amyt Datta quartet simply created wonders on Friday with their thrilling performance at Jamsteady. So when Amyt along with Akash, Arinjoy and Daipayan picked up the guitar and strummed, audience were left mesmeric. They enjoyed with instrumentals such as Letter to Lydia, Ironic bironic, Love under cover, Black pages and The chase. The crowd grew into loud cheers as the night grew younger. Sourav said, ““Amytda's guitar solos and riffs inspire music enthusiasts like us a lot and the ambience tonight is simply amazing.” Subholina Sen at the do said, ““It's not the first time that I'm listening to the Amyt Datta quartet. Their music is intricate, complex, chaotic and yet soothing.Amytda is a legend and the rest of the band is also brilliant.”

Srabani’s students sing for a noble cause

It was a beautiful Friday evening when students of Srabani Sen Music Academy gave a soul-stirring musical performance on Rabindrasangeet to its audience at Kalamandir auditorium. They had put their best efforts at the concert ‘Anandagaan Baajey’, which aimed to promote the special cause of human welfare. Artists like Rupak Robi-Kaustav, Shubhomoy, Debadrito, Sushmita, and Sispiya also impressed the listeners with their soothing performances.