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  • How do I create my own profile ?

    You need to Sign up. Click on SIGNUP (homepage or LOGIN page). Fill in your basic information and the system will send you a confirmation/activation e-mail which you need to open and click on the activation link to create your account. Once you’re signed up – you can login and update and upload your profile details through the – MYACCOUNT link or the dropdown links on the RHS
  • Unable to SignUp / Activation mail not received - what to do ?

    Please contact Support and they will manually activate your account.
  • How do I contact other artists or members ?

    You can Browse Profiles and Classified Ads - do a filtered search to find other members or ads Once you have identified another member by his / her details, you can contact the member from the profile or ad page – by clicking on the MAIL / SMS to send your message. Our system will send an alert / notification to the member with your details. All members can read their messages upon LOGIN
  • Can I be reached by others artists as a free member ?

    Yes. You can read mails / messages sent by other members by logging in to MYACCOUNT or by following the link Check Messages from the right hand side dropdown menu.
  • How can I add a photo / image ?

    In your MYACCOUNT page, click on the PHOTOS tab at the top. Select a JPEG file from your hard drive and UPLOAD, set your main profile picture then SAVE & UPDATE
  • How do I upload Audio / Video ?

    AUDIO In your MYACCOUNT page, you can click on the MUSIC tab (or MANAGE AUDIO TRACKS from the dropdown on the RHS). You can then select the file from your local hard drive (or your cell phone folder) and UPLOAD and then UPDATE. The online Audio streaming player on your page only supports MP3 /MP4 files. To upload audio tracks from CD you need to convert these to MP3 (use a CD ripper software) VIDEO In your MYACCOUNT page, you can click on the VIDEOS tab (or MANAGE VIDEOS from the dropdown on the RHS). Enter Title and the Youtube URL and SAVE
  • What is my membership status ?

    You become a FREE Member of RagaMix once you signup. As a Free member you get to use all the facilities and services of RagaMix Contact Support if you are interested in special privileges and listing support
  • How to maximize responses from the messages I send or Ads posted by me ?

    In order to maximize responses -
    You need to provide details in your profile page in order to generate interest of other musicians and members.
    Ensure proper settings for SMS / e-mail (SMS/ EMAIL Setting in dropdown menu on the RHS)
    Send your contact (e-mail address, phone#, etc) along with the message.
  • How to remove my listing ?

    You can remove an ad listing or a submitted event fromManage Ads and Manage Events from the dropdown menu on the RHS For removal of profile contact Support and they will manually delete your account.